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Rehabs for Teenage Boys

New Adventure Treatment Center, a rehab for teen boys, is designed to solve teenage addictions. If your boy is abusing drugs or alcohol and also demonstrating negative, illegal, or self-destructive behaviors, New Adventure Treatment Center in Northwest Arkansas can help.

addiction treatment for boysDrug abuse by teenagers is a widespread problem today. It can be overwhelming to parents. That’s why we developed New Adventure Treatment Center. It specializes in substance abuse, deals with inappropriate teenage behaviors, and helps finish the boy’s education. If drug abuse affects your boy and you seek an addiction treatment center, New Adventure Treatment Center can be a lifesaver.

Many troubling symptoms define drug use in teens. It destroys futures. Addicted teens become unmotivated, defiant, and angry. They have observable changes in behavior, including truancy, staying away from home for days at a time, and even illegal activity to pay for their drugs. Once highly interested and successful students, their grades will slip, and they’ll become uninterested in their future.

addiction treatment for boysIf your teenager exhibits these symptoms, drugs or alcohol may be involved. New Adventure Treatment Center provides an ideal setting for turning around attitudes and addictions in teenage boys. Because teen drug abuse throughout the country also causes unhealthy behavior, we treat substance abuse and behavioral issues together. Without taking care of both, futures cannot be restored. Other therapeutic boarding schools place importance on behavior, and this seldom works for teens who are addicts. Until their mind is free from all substances for a time, little or no progress can be achieved.

After being initially removed from mind-altering substances and negative peers, New Adventure Treatment Center starts to help boys become free from such struggles in the future. This is the bulk of the work done at this school, addiction treatment center, and rehab for teenage boys.

boys rehabsIt is essential to first remove students from old behaviors, ideas, and attitudes. Taking them away from negative influences and activities opens the way to instill in them a new set of driving principles. Here they are taught compassion, accountability, honesty, and trust. These will become the foundation for their relationships and, throughout their time at New Adventure Treatment Center, will become a part of their character. In addition, their new perceptions and actions will be incorporated into their relationships with family and community.

In addition to helping teenagers relate better to others, they will learn principles by which to live. The spiritual foundation of these principles is a crucial part of what makes this change so long-lasting.

rehabsAs a result of addictions and alcoholism, teens can lose their moral compass. They can lose track of the person they were indeed raised to be and lose a sense of motivation for anything but to abuse substances. Their position in the universe must be re-discovered, and they must regain a sense of meaning and purpose. At New Adventure Treatment Center, they will become less self-centered, more thoughtful, and more motivated. The need to abuse substances or alcohol will vanish as the outcome of this work in our sober living environment and school.

New Adventure Treatment Center is a rehab for boys from throughout America. We only work with teenage boys, not girls, and not adults.  If your son is involved in teen drug abuse, we can help him. Specializing in substance abuse treatment, this program also helps turn around troublesome behavior and, most importantly, offers an enduring transformation.

boys rehabsTeen drug abuse and alcoholism can be devastating to parents of teenage boys. Contact us today if you are concerned about your teen and feel overwhelmed by his actions. Many teens have turned their lives around and have gone on to make a difference in their life after completing our program.

Not all drug rehab programs are the same, and some are not as successful as others. Drug rehab programs for teens can sometimes worsen teen situations and make them almost impossible to reverse. In most cases, teens are not entirely motivated to participate in rehabilitation programs wholeheartedly, and the time they spend in group, and individual therapy sessions are wasted. In addition, drug rehab programs do not fully provide every aspect of care that troubled teens need to recover successfully. Professionals usually recommend residential treatment centers to teens requiring more therapeutic intervention.

New Adventure Treatment Center Provides Successful Drug Rehab Programs for Troubled Boys 

This drug rehab program developed for troubled boys is successful because it targets drug addiction and other personal and academic issues that may have developed during a drug abuse struggle. We combine fitness programs, life skill training, therapy sessions, and academic recovery programs into our drug rehab programs to better help troubled boys adjust to life without the need for drugs or alcohol. Our professionally trained staff assists these troubled boys to excel academically and learn how to make healthier, more positive decisions that will help them prevent relapse after leaving our facility.

We want your troubled boy to continue progressing toward a complete recovery in our residential treatment center and at home.  We would love to talk with you to see if our teen rehab for boys is the right fit for your son. 

As the initial Teen Challenge addiction treatment center for boys, New Adventure Treatment Center has been helping families for nearly 50 years. Call us today AT (800) 329-1825.

"NO WARRANTY" LEGAL NOTICE: While independent outcomes studies have shown very high recovery rates for indiviuals in our programs, we cannot guarantee recovery for any particular individual. Recovery and future abstinence from addicting substances and the effects that such substances may have on the individual or their life, actions, or their future are entirely dependent on the individual and how well they apply the principles we have taught them. We are an educational institution, and how the individual in our program learns from what they are taught and modeled here, is totally up to them. Individuals who stay the full term (until graduation) have much better long-term recovery from addicitons than those who do not.


FLORIDA, TENNESSEE AND CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Please note that Adult & Teen Challenge Centers in Florida are not-for-profit religious institutions, not licensed medical facilities, nor do they accept insurance. Rates are very low compared to for-profit rehabs. Outcomes are based on multiple outcomes studies over the past 50 years, including this study.

UNLIKE A TYPICAL ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER: For 60 years, we have successfully inspired individuals to break free of their addictions and life-controlling issues. Our low-cost program is not an addiction treatment center — it is a residential educational program designed to reverse the destruction that addictions reap on relationships, careers and futures. We set the former addict on a new course in life with all new motivations and renewed respect, peace and care for others. In a safe, encouraging, drug-free environment, our staff (who are mostly former addicts themselves) work with each individual daily, showing them the way toward a more fulfilling life based on God’s forgiveness, love and purpose. Our model has proven to be highly effective for all addictions, bringing about maturity, honesty, humility, care, and life change. Medical detox may be required before enrolling.

"NO WARRANTY" LEGAL NOTICE: While outcomes studies for Adult & Teen Challenge centers have historically shown high addiction and substance abuse recovery rates, they cannot guarantee addiction recovery for any particular individual. Recovery and future avoidance of addicting substances and whatever effects that such substance may have on the individual's life, their future, their career or their friends or relatives are entirely dependent on each individual and how they apply the principles they are taught in the program.